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General Terms and Conditions

Information about general terms and conditions of use related to BiciMAD Go service

General Terms and Conditions

BiciMAD Go is a service provided by the Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid, S.A., (E.M.T.) which has the following registration and identification data

Registered Office: C /Cerro de la Plata, 4. 28007 Madrid

CIF: A-28046316

Registered in the Madrid Business Registry Volume 2808, General 2132, Secc. 3rd Company Book, Folio 20, Sheet 19260, 1st Inscription.


Email:                   secretaria@emtmadrid.es
URL:                      www.emtmadrid.es

Purpose of the service

The BiciMAD go service is a bicycle rental service without a fixed base aimed at all citizens and visitors to the city of Madrid. This system is presented as an alternative element of clean transport that contributes to a more sustainable mobility model and the promotion of more balanced and healthy transport habits.
This service is governed by the public authorization procedure for the special use of the municipal public domain, which involves the rental of pedal bicycles with assisted pedalling without a fixed base, granted under article 193 of the Sustainable Mobility Ordinance published in BOAM no. 8,653 dated June 3, 2020.

Service elements

Both the formalization of the contract and the interaction of the system with the user is carried out through the BiciMAD application, developed by E.M.T. Madrid and available in the main App Stores.
The BiciMAD Go service consists of a fleet of electric bicycles available for rental and use within the BiciMAD application georeferenced area.

Formalization of the contract and access conditions to the service

The contract will be formalized through the registration process in the BiciMAD application and the express acceptance of this document of terms and conditions. The user has a copy of it at https://www.emtmadrid.es/bicimadgo/condiciones/es
To be a user of the public bicycle service, it is mandatory to be over fourteen years old.
In the case of users under 16 years of age, access to the service will be processed by their father / mother / guardian or legal representative, assuming responsibility for their physical suitability, as well as for any damages that may be caused.
Access to the service implies the express acceptance by the user of these Instructions, as well as the recognition of their aptitude for cycling and that they do not suffer from a medical contraindication for it.

Billing and Payment of the contracted services

The creation of a BiciMAD Go account entails the creation of a virtual wallet card that the user will preload and from whose balance the amount of the contracted services will be deducted. The start of the service will occur with the unlocking of the bicycle and the end of the service will be identified with the closing of the padlock and the confirmation on the APP of the end of the journey.
To be able to use BiciMAD Go, the balance of the virtual wallet card must be greater than € 0.50.
Billing will be made up by applying the fares in force at all times, which are available within the BiciMAD APP. If after the invoicing of the trip there is a negative balance on the wallet card, it will be automatically compensated in the next recharge.

Insurance availability
When contracting each service, BiciMAD Go insures the user during the time of use of the rental bicycle for personal and material damages involuntarily caused by the user to third parties and to the municipal patrimony.

Cancellation of the contract and Closure of the account. Withdrawal of the Contract
The user can terminate the contractual relationship at any time and cancel the account by contacting E.M.T. in the email bicimadgo@emtmadrid.es. Cancellation of the account will not result in the return of the outstanding balance on the wallet card.
The user can withdraw from the contract within 14 days after its formalization. To exercise the right of withdrawal, this action will be communicated to the email bicimadgo@emtmadrid.es indicating the user's personal data. E.M.T. will return, in case of withdrawal, the eventual balance pending consumption of the wallet card.

Fines and breach of the terms and conditions of use of the service
E.M.T. will rebound any fine received derived from the use or parking of the bicycle by the user, subtracting it from the balance of the wallet card or, where appropriate, from the means of payment provided by the client, prior communication to the user by email or telephone number provided during the registration process.
E.M.T. reserves the right to cancel or suspend the BiciMAD Go account in the event of non-compliance with these terms and conditions as well as the conditions of use of the service, available here.
E.M.T. reserves the right to claim and undertake appropriate compensation measures for the loss or deterioration of bicycles due to non-compliance with the terms and conditions contemplated in this document and in the conditions of use, which can be consulted here.

Claims and conflicts
The user must send any claim derived from the service to bicimadgo@emtmadrid.es. In case of not getting it solved in a satisfactory way for the user, it is informed that E.M.T. is ascribed the Consumer Arbitration System, without prejudice to the fact that any other type of action provided for in current legislation may be exercised.

BICIMAD GO - Terms of use

The use of the BiciMAD Go service implies the acceptance of the terms of use indicated below

Register as a user.

To become a user of the BiciMAD Go service, you must follow the registration process through the BiciMAD App, in the "REGISTER" option, by selecting the BiciMAD Go service. Current BiciMAD users, to sign up for the BiciMAD Go service, must activate it from "My profile".

Charging the Wallet card and Billing of services.
The charging of the wallet card will be done from the BiciMAD APP, selecting the option "MY PROFILE".
 It is necessary to have a minimum balance of € 0.50 to use the BiciMAD Go.
After the end of each journey, the service performed will be billed by removing the corresponding price from the BiciMAD wallet card according to the current fares, which can be consulted here. In case that balance shows a negative amount, this will be automatically compensated in the next recharge.
The end of the journey will occur before the closure of the padlock and the confirmation of the same in the APP.

Horario de acceso al servicio, ámbito geográfico y condiciones de uso

  • El servicio estará disponible 24 horas, 365 días al año.

  • El uso de las bicicletas debe desarrollarse en vía urbana, dentro del ámbito georreferenciado en la aplicación BiciMAD. En ningún caso se puede utilizar BiciMAD Go en terrenos no aptos para la circulación

  • No se podrá transportar la bicicleta arrendada en ningún otro medio de transporte.

  • El usuario deberá cumplir en todo momento con las normas de circulación y seguridad vial vigentes.

  • El usuario menor de 16 años deberá utilizar la bicicleta con casco de protección.

  • Queda prohibido desmontar o manipular cualquier elemento de la bicicleta.

  • El usuario será es responsable de la guarda y custodia de la bicicleta, durante todo el tiempo en el que la misma se encuentre desbloqueada.

Service schedule, geographical scope and conditions of use
  • The service will be available 24 hours, 365 days a year.

  • The use of bicycles must be carried out on urban roads, within the georeferenced area in the BiciMAD application. In no case can BiciMAD Go be used on areas not suitable for circulation.

  • The rented bicycle cannot be transported in any other means of transport.

  • The user has always to meet the current traffic and road safety regulations.

  • The user under 16 years of age has to use the bicycle with a protective helmet.

  • It is forbidden to disassemble or manipulate any element of the bicycle.

The user will be responsible for the safekeeping and custody of the bicycle, during the entire time it is unlocked.

Unlocking the bike.

Once the bicycle to be used is located, it is unlocked by reading the QR Code available on the frame of the bicycle. It is only possible to unlock one BiciMAD Go Bicycle if you are not using another bicycle in the system. The user must verify that the number provided by the app identifying the unit that he has unlocked is the same as the one physically identifying on the e-bike.
Before unlocking the bicycle, the user must check the correct general condition of the bicycle, as well as adjust the seat to the appropriate height. After unlocking, the user has one minute to check the correct condition of the elements of the bicycle to be used, being able to finish the journey for free in case of detecting any anomaly.

Locking the bike

After ending the journey, the user will have to lock the bicycle using the mechanical lock of the padlock. Once the closure is made, the application will confirm the correct completion of the journey.
The user is responsible for the correct locking of the bicycle after total completion.
In the event that the bicycle cannot be locked, the incident must be reported to the customer service telephone number 91.406.88.97 without leaving the unlocked bicycle under any circumstances.
To lock a BiciMAD Go bicycle in a BiciMAD station, the user must ensure that it is correctly anchored, so that the slot light turns green after closing the lock.

Bicycle parking
The user may park the BiciMAD Go bicycle at the stations of the BiciMAD network, as well as in any location allowed on public roads, in compliance with article 48 of the Mobility Ordinance:

  • You will preferably park in the spaces specifically reserved for this purpose.

  • In case of no reserved spaces available, as long as parking is allowed, you can park on the parking strips, obliquely to the pavement line and occupying a maximum of 2 meters, so that you do not block neither the access to other vehicles nor the way from the pavement to the road.

  • Exceptionally, when parking is not possible in the spaces indicated above, it will be possible to park on pavement when all these requirements are met:

    • In the case of streets that have not been declared as "special protection for pedestrians".

    • There is no specific sign that prohibits it.

    • In any case, a free passage width of three meters is respected, as well as a minimum distance of 2 meters to the touch-visual lanes placed for people with reduced mobility in pedestrian entrances and routes, including those linked to public transport stops

    • Parking is carried out in a single line located next to the curb and as close to it as possible, with the following arrangement:

  • 1. Parallel to the curb on pavements less than 6 meters wide.
  • 2. In semi-battery or at an angle, if the pavement is more than 6 meters wide.
  • When there is a bike lane on pavement, the available pavement width will be counted from the inside limit of the bike lane to the facade.
  • Users who wish to access the pavement to park in the bicycle racks installed for this purpose or at the BiciMAD stations must dismount from the vehicle once they have left the road and walk with it by their side to the anchoring element.

  • It is expressly forbidden to park in the following locations:

  • a) In the pedestrian area of ​​public transport stops.
  • b) In the pedestrian area of ​​reservations for people with reduced mobility.
  • c) In the pedestrian area of ​​taxi stands.
  • d) On manhole or service covers.

The user can register their parking in the application by selecting "register parking" before the end of the journey.

Action in the case of an accident

In an accident situation, the user has to notify Bicimad either by phone at 91.406.88.97 or by email at bicimadgo@emtmadrid.es, providing the following information:

  • • Name, surname, address and telephone number of the bicycle driver
  • • Detailed description of the way in which the events occurred.
  • • Name, surname, address and telephone number of the people who may have been injured, indicating whether they were assisted at the scene or were transferred to a hospital or Health Center.
  • • Description of the damages caused to third parties.
  • • Description of the damage caused to the bicycle.
  • • Name, surname, address and telephone number of the witnesses, if any.
  • • Indication of whether the police intervened.
  • Likewise, in the specific case of hitting a pedestrian, the user has the obligation to stop and must call the Municipal Police or any other emergency services through 112
  • Loss, robbery or theft of the bicycle

  • In the event of loss of the bicycle, the user must communicate the incident at the time it happens to the telephone number 91.406.88.97 or to the email bicimadgo@emtmadrid.es, having to provide all the data required by the service, and the EMT being entitled to undertake the measures it deems appropriate to compensate for the lost property.
    In the event of robbery or theft of the bicycle, the user must report the events, as soon as possible, to the Security Forces and Bodies, and report the incident at the time it happens to the telephone number 91,406. 88.97 or to the email bicimadgo@emtmadrid.es. Likewise, user will provide a copy of the complaint through the same email bicimadgo@emtmadrid.es
Penalty regime

Balance adjustments derived from an incorrect completion of the journey by the user will be associated with a penalty cost of € 1.
E.M.T. reserves the right to cancel or suspend the BiciMAD Go account in the event of non-compliance with these terms of use as well as the general terms and conditions, available here.

Notification and treatment of breakdowns and other incidents

Any other incident related to the system not specified in the previous points of these terms have to be reported in the Incidents section available in the BiciMAD APP.

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