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Frequently Asked Questions BiciMADGO

What is BiciMAD GO?

BiciMAD Go is a new shared mobility service provided with free floating electric bicycles, without a fixed station. It is a service operated by the Municipal Transport Company of Madrid and has 454 bicycles, 254 located inside the M-30 ring and 200 outside.

When will BiciMAD Go be available?

The launch of the project will be progressive since, as specified in the authorization grant from the Madrid City Council, the first deployment must include at least 50% of the fleet before September 1 and has to be fully deployed before November 1, 2020.

Is it the same service as BiciMAD?

No, it is a different service. Users must register in BiciMAD Go, regardless of whether or not they are BiciMAD users. The conditions of use and the rates of BiciMAD Go are different from those of the BiciMAD service. Although the bicycle model is the same, the BiciMAD Go service fleet is different from that of BiciMAD and is visually differentiated since it bears the name of the service on the frame of each vehicle.

What are the BiciMAD Go service hours?

This new service works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What is the BiciMAD Go bike like?

The bicycle model that EMT implements for this free floating modality is the same as in the BiciMAD public service. In other words, it is a bicycle with electric pedalling assistance. When pedalling, the electric motor is activated assuming much of the effort that, in a conventional way, you would assume.
You will find some controls on the handlebar of the BiciMAD Go:
The red On / OFF button to turn the bike on and off
The green MODE button to regulate the level of electrical assistance, the LOW, MED and HIGH positions respectively mean that the selected assistance is low, medium or high.
Battery level indicator
In addition, they have a padlock that locks the rear wheel, and some visual differences since the BiciMAD Go bikes are identified with the name of the service on the frame of each vehicle.

What is the minimum age to access the service?

From the age of 14. Minors under 16 must be registered by an adult as guardian or legal representative who will fully assume responsibility for both the minor's acts in using the service and their physical fitness.

Remember that teenagers under 16 must wear a helmet.

I want to start using BiciMAD Go, what should I do?

It is necessary to register previously in the service. If you are over fourteen years old, you can register through the BiciMAD app, filling in your personal data and establishing the means of payment, as follows:
If you are already a BiciMAD user, log in to the application and select the option "Activate BiciMAD Go" in "My Account".
If you are not a BiciMAD user, start the BiciMAD application and select the Register option from the side menu. Select BiciMAD Go in the services to register.
During the registration process we will confirm your phone number with an SMS code and your account will be created. You will receive an email in the account you have provided to activate it. Once you have activated it, you only have to check the location of the closest bicycles in the APP and unlock the bicycle you want to use by reading the QR code that it shows.

How do I end the trip?

To end the trip, you must close the padlock on your bike and confirm the correct end in the application. If you finish your journey at a BiciMAD station, make sure the bike is properly anchored on it. The slot light should turn green after closing the padlock.


Can I park the BiciMAD Go anywhere in the city?

No, you must comply with the regulations and facilitate coexistence. You will not be able to end a journey on pedestrian priority streets or on sidewalks and pedestrian spaces adjacent to historic parks such as El Retiro. You may park the BiciMAD Go bicycle at the stations of the BiciMAD network, as well as in any location allowed in compliance with the Mobility Ordinance:

  • You will preferably park in the spaces specifically reserved for this purpose.

  • In case of no reserved spaces available, as long as parking is allowed, you can park on the parking strips, obliquely to the pavement line and occupying a maximum of 2 meters, so that you do not block neither the access to other vehicles nor the way from the pavement to the road.

  • Exceptionally, when parking is not possible in the spaces indicated above, it will be possible to park on pavement when all these requirements are met:

    • In the case of streets that have not been declared as "special protection for pedestrians".

    • There is no specific sign that prohibits it.

    • In any case, a free passage width of three meters is respected, as well as a minimum distance of 2 meters to the touch-visual lanes placed for people with reduced mobility in pedestrian entrances and routes, including those linked to public transport stops

    • Parking is carried out in a single line located next to the curb and as close to it as possible, with the following arrangement:

1. Parallel to the curb on pavements less than 6 meters wide.
2. In semi-battery or at an angle, if the pavement is more than 6 meters wide.
When there is a bike lane on pavement, the available pavement width will be counted from the inside limit of the bike lane to the facade.

  • Users who wish to access the pavement to park in the bicycle racks installed for this purpose or at the BiciMAD stations must dismount from the vehicle once they have left the road and walk with it by their side to the anchoring element.

  • It is expressly forbidden to park in the following locations:

a) In the pedestrian area of ​​public transport stops.
b) In the pedestrian area of ​​reservations for people with reduced mobility.
c) In the pedestrian area of ​​taxi stands.
d) On manhold or service covers.

What functionalities does BiciMAD Go allow in the BiciMAD app?

The service is designed so that you can carry out all the procedures you need from the BiciMAD smartphone application.
You can sign up, recharge your balance, check the location and availability of bicycles, start and end trips, reserve a bike and check the trips made as well as the billing for them. Likewise, this will be the channel in which you can report any incident that occurred while using the service and contact its customer support through a complete incident notification menu.

What should I do if I have an incident with BiciMAD Go?

Through the app you can report any incident that occurred while using the service and contact its customer support. You have a complete incident notification menu at your disposal.
In cases of having an incident that prevents you from closing your route, an accident or your bicycle has been stolen, please contact us at 91.406.88.97

How much does it cost to move with BiciMAD Go?

The general rate of the service is € 0.19 / minute, although we apply significant discounts for conditions of use and for belonging to the BiciMAD family.
You can check the rate table here.

How is the service charged?

When you create your BiciMAD Go account, a virtual wallet card is associated with it that you can recharge in "My Account". The amount of each service will be deducted from this virtual card. Remember that you cannot start trips if the balance is less than € 0.50

Can I park a BiciMAD Go at a BiciMAD station?

Yes, in fact this action carries a special discount. Check our rates here.
To park at a BiciMAD station, you must check that the led light on the left side of the anchor is red, that means that it is an anchor available for you to park. When you park the bike, lock the bike by activating the rear padlock and check before leaving that the bike is well anchored and that the light turns green. You cannot park at anchors blue lighted as they are reserved by another user. If the anchor does not have any lights on, it is not operational and you will not be able to use it. The correct completion of the trip will be notified by your APP.

If there is a BiciMAD Go available at a BiciMAD station, can I use it?

Yes, as long as you are a (registered) user of the BiciMAD Go service.

Where can I move on BiciMAD Go?

In any urban road in Madrid where cycling is not prohibited and is within the area defined on the map of your APP.

Is there a limited time to use BiciMAD Go?

No, you can make continued use of the bicycle as long as you want.

Am I insured using BiciMAD Go?

Yes, you can check the insurance conditions here.

What do I do if I have a breakdown or an accident?

If you have a failure you must notify it through the incidents menu of the app. The support service will manage your incident.
In the event of an accident, call us at 91.406.88.97 and we will help you with all the procedures.

Is there a sanction framework for misuse of the service?

Yes. It is an additional guarantee and is included in the conditions that you accept when you sign up for the service. You can check it here.

What measures does BiciMAD Go take against COVID-19?

Bicycles are disinfected daily, with a disinfectant solution with bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal activity with laboratory tested efficacy against coronavirus. In addition, taking into account that the public bicycle is an individual but shared means of transport, you must use gloves and mask according to the guidelines given by the health authorities.


What are the advantages of an electric bike?

The electric bike facilitates the use of this sustainable means of transport for all people without the need for a specific physical condition since the exercise carried out by the user is less intense thanks to the assisted pedalling.

Are electric bikes dangerous?

No, its handling is the same as a conventional bicycle. You can select the level of pedalling assistance and even do without it. Its speed is limited to 25 km / h, that is, when it reaches this speed the engine stops providing assistance.

Where can I ride my bike?

You can ride on the road, occupying the center of the lane, preferably the one on the right. Remember that you should never circulate on sidewalks or exclusively pedestrian areas. It is forbidden to use the bus lane as it could slow down the bus service.
When you ride a bicycle, you must respect all traffic regulations regarding way preferences, traffic lights and traffic signs.

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